Kirov residents will get three taxes in one envelope

New tax receipt combines land, transportation and property taxes..- Kirov residents will be sent 127 letters,” Yury Zverev, deputy head of the Kirov city IFTS, said at a press conference. – The total amount of taxes to be levied on individuals is 333 million rubles. It will go to the regional budget and will be used for beautification and improvement of the social sphere of Kirov residents. So we urge everyone to be conscientious about paying their taxes. By the way, there is one more feature this year: the post office has signed an agreement with the tax inspection to change the rules for the delivery of registered mail. Let us remind you that registered mail should be delivered to a respondent personally against signature. Now, after a month of holding the letter at the post office due to the respondent’s absence, the letter carrier puts the receipt in his mailbox, and that moment is the fact of service of this letter. If a respondent is registered at one address but lives at another and cannot receive a notice, he should go to the post office and write a statement. The shipping address will be corrected. You can also view the debt on the website of the regional tax office or through a Sberbank of Russia terminal. Deadlines for paying taxes:Land tax – no later than November 1. Transport tax – until November 10 and until December 1

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