Kevin Johnson spent $50,000 to buy a new Jeep

Kevin Johnson, the mayor of Sacramento, California, recently came into the public spotlight. This happened after journalists from one of the local television channels “KCRA” wrote about a new rather expensive acquisition, which had the mayor. According to the information provided by the TV channel, the head of administration of the California center bought himself a new SUV, the cost of which is more than 50 thousand American dollars.

So KCRA reports that the new Chevrolet Tahoe SUV, equipped with a hybrid powertrain and rich equipment, was bought with money taken from the city budget. According to analyzed documents accessed by reporters, the purchase of the new car for the mayor of Sacramento cost $5,250 U.S. dollars.

It is also noted that the money allocated for Johnson’s new jeep was originally intended to renew the fleet of local police. For example, it is high time for the local police to replace two obsolete vehicles, the first of which is a forklift, and the second – the service jeep “Ford Expedition”.

However, despite this, the mayor has ordered the purchase of a hybrid Chevrolet Tahoe with funds earmarked for police. And the Sacramento Police Department got Kevin Johnson’s old car instead of a new Jeep.

When asked about this acquisition, Johnson said that by taking the car, he expects to make Sacramento cleaner. Thus, the mayor clarified that his new vehicle is equipped with an electric motor, which does not pollute the environment. The mayor believes that citizens should take his example and also buy cars equipped with a hybrid powertrain.

Recall that Kevin Johnson is a supporter of Barack Obama’s views, and he became mayor of half a million Sacramentos at the end of the year before last. Johnson is the first African-American to serve as mayor of a California administrative center. It is also worth recalling that before his career in politics, Kevin Johnson played basketball professionally in the NBA league for the Phoenix club.

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