June 29th Cuba will host the International Day of Remembrance and Support for Victims of Torture

Today, the International Committee for the Liberation of the Five and the Cuban United Nations Association observe the International Day of Remembrance and Support for Victims of Torture of Cuban Patriots Languishing in the Prisons of the United States. The meeting to be held today in the Cuban capital, which will be attended by relatives of anti-terrorist fighters, experts and specialists in the patriot cause, will focus on the struggle to liberate the Five. Recall that five Cubans, Antonio Guerrero, René González, Gerardo Hernández, Fernando González and Ramón Labañino, better known internationally as “The Five”, have been serving unjustly long prison terms in United States prisons for years. The Cubans were arrested in Florida back in September 1998, while monitoring anti-Cuban groups.

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Patriots tried to thwart Miami-based counterrevolutionary groups, but were themselves arrested by U.S. authorities. For half a century, the Cuban people have suffered many actions against Liberty Island, which is being developed on U.S. territory. As a result of these actions, more than three and a half thousand people have been killed and about two thousand have been injured in various ways. The Five Cuban heroes have been sentenced by a biased U.S. court to long terms of imprisonment, two of them for life. There is no doubt that the “Five” case was obviously rigged, has a political bias and, in addition, it was held in violation of not only U.S. law but also international law.

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