Ivan Davydov. Plato’s republishing

Platon’s republishing

Although, no, there are, of course, other tales.

For example, if Izvestia is to be believed, the Ministry of Economic Development has written a special manual for officials. “If you believe” is an essential caveat here. Retelling the recommendations to officials looks like April Fool’s news, but, after all, December is coming to an end.

So, the Ministry has figured out how to stamp out corruption. To defeat corruption, every official must keep a record of the bribes offered to him. Who, where, for what, under what circumstances. And also to indicate whether a bribe was accepted or not. And then reporting on the bribes received to their superiors.

It is not easy to imagine: serious people in suits, working not somewhere, but in the Ministry of Economy itself, pored over the paper. Meetings were held. Brainstorms of all kinds. As a result they decided that after taking a bribe, an official is simply obligated to inform on himself or herself to his or her superiors. And were not ashamed to share the fruits of their deliberations afterwards.

Idealists, romantics.

Meanwhile, the Chelyabinsk City Duma held a press conference on the issues of adoption, of course. It’s a fashionable thing now. The surprising thing happened at that press conference: the deputy Natalia Baskova, expressing concern about the lack of moral guidelines and positive images of mothers in the society, said that all women under twenty should be legally obliged to get married and give birth to a child.

I’m trying to imagine this world: the queues to the forced marriage stations. Brackets? What will it be called at all?? The riot police drag a stubborn bachelor past the ranks of volunteers. Inside, beautiful maidens roar with embarrassment, waiting for inseminators. There’s also a specialist in overseeing the proper conduct of the demographic improvement acts. And the master installer of spiritual staples. With a stapler developed at Rusnano.

And past all this splendor, the officials walk in the direction of the prosecutor’s office. With reports of the bribes received over the past month.

I’m trying to imagine, and for some reason I think of Plato’s famous (albeit somewhat boring) work “The State”.

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