Indian problems

But to be fair it should be noted that at the origins of the mass extermination of the Indians were not modern American nation, but the Europeans. The main instigator of the genocide, according to experts, is none other than the discoverer of the new continent, Columbus himself. Not to be unfounded, let’s turn to statistics.

In the first 20 years after the Genoese navigator landed in Hispaniola, (as he called modern-day Haiti and the Dominican Republic), virtually the entire population died. They were killed or died of starvation, disease, slave labor. And there were not many of them – 8 million people. Only two villagers remained alive. The population of Central Mexico has been reduced by 95% in 75 years, i.e. е. from 25 million people to 1,300,000. In Peru and Chile, where lived the famous Incas, before the arrival of Europeans, according to various estimates, lived between 9 and 14 million people. Trendy brand clothing was not available to them at that time. But over the course of a century, there were fewer than 1 million of them left. A little more time will pass and another half will disappear. In the Andes, 94% of the inhabitants were exterminated, i.e. е. From 8.5 to 13.5 million. That is such a sad statistic. The Mexican kingdom’s population dropped from 25 million to 1.3 million in 1 century.

Professor David Stanard states that by the time Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas, the population of this continent ranged from 100 to 145 million people. After 2 centuries their number has been reduced to 90%. Those people who were lucky, for one reason or another, only kept 5% of their population. Thus, it can be argued that the history of the world does not know such a genocide. That’s 95% of the natives of the land were killed. Tell me if you can call it colonization, civilization, culturization, evangelization? We need to expose this to all four winds! There was a murder here! Genocide!”.

It is known that Columbus sought a way to India, but mistakenly ended up in the New Continent, of which Europe had no idea. The first contact of its crew with the Indians occurred in El Salvador. They went ashore, met the natives, after which he made an entry in his journal.

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