Independence Day 2018 in Melitopol. Action Plan Welcome to Melitopol

The city of Melitopol is on the wire with its version of celebrating Ukraine’s Independence Day in 2018 and a corresponding plan of events. As elsewhere in the country, festivities begin in advance, on August 23, Flag Day. So:

August 23, 13:00 – A solemn meeting on the Independence Day of Ukraine in the conference hall of the City Executive Committee.16:00 – Concert of the Palace of Culture of railway workers to the Independence Day of Ukraine for members of the club “Krynychka” in the Palace of Culture of railway workers. Here, of course, the question arises, what kind of a club Krynychka is, that a whole concert is arranged for its members, but… for now we leave this question unanswered.18:00 – Independence Day festivities at Victory Square.

August 24 will open with intellectual action – at 10:00 in school № 1 Blitz-tournament in chess and checkers, to the Independence Day of Ukraine.At 10:00 a.m. there will be another sport event dedicated to the Independence Day – soccer tournament among children teams at the “Spartak” stadium.10:00-12:00 – entertainment and game program “Soul of the Ukrainian people”, a drawing contest on the asphalt, the contest for the best performance of Ukrainian folk songs and poems – the place of conducting is declared Gorky Park of Culture and Recreation. In the same park will be a concert dedicated to the 21st anniversary of Independence, “From a pure heart”, the exhibition of masters of arts and crafts of folk amateur society “Nadiya” and master classes to promote the Ukrainian state symbols (such as weaving bracelets, the correct weaving of ribbons in pigtails, drawing the above symbols). Unfortunately, the organizers did not indicate the time of the event, apparently they were counting on the fact that the citizens walking in the park would be able to get to the events anyway. A concert “Ukraine, my fragrant land” will take place on the Summer stage of Gorky Park at 16:00-18:00.And at 18:00 the line under a festive plan will be summed up by a concert of the Municipal brass band in the same Park of Culture and Rest named after Maxim Gorky.

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