In the town house sector we can observe the minimization of prices for projects and expenses for the construction of this real estate.

Developers offer 18 townships with townhouses on the Kaluzhsko-Kievskoe direction representing 768 residential sections. Today, you can see both mono-settlements, and all kinds of “mixes” – townhouses and apartment houses, or cottages with townhouses, land. In this area by the end of next year, developers plan to complete six sectors with townhouses, and from 12 to 14 years – as much more. Survived the crisis projects mostly here. Only in two settlements the construction of housing and its sales were stalled.

According to industry experts, during the last year the biggest sales leap has been seen in three townhouses communities. Bristol and Les Glades projects are in the area. Analysts attribute the success of these projects excellent access to transport, the rapid rate of housing construction and loyal contracts for sale. For example, in “Bristol” an average of about 17 sections built in 30 days (in this segment the slowest rate of construction is considered only one section in the same time).

On the Kaluzhsko-Kievskaya line, as well as in the whole segment, the leaders are the townships with loyal sales conditions.

In the opinion of the experts of GK “Scale”, in the near future the following trends will be observed in the townhouse segment: slight decrease in the construction lots area, number of apartments and their square footage. As a result, the total price of finished housing will go down. Since the formation of this format of suburban housing requires the support of infrastructure, most of the new projects that have emerged after the crisis, is located – and will be located – within 15 km of the Ring Road. For the same reason, developers, aimed at the demand of the masses, will try to avoid buying land to build townhouses in very expensive areas, choosing instead to become popular and easily accessible roads – such as Kiev or Kaluga, according to GK “Scale.

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