In Cuba the court cancelled the last death penalty

The Associated Press news agency reports that Cuba’s Supreme Court has decided to overturn the death sentence handed down to Umberto Eladio Real for the 1994 gangland murder.

Judges have thus ruled that the last death sentence handed down in this country will be commuted to thirty years’ imprisonment.

In 1994, a native of Cuba who had settled in the U.S., Real and a group of like-minded people illegally landed on one of Cuba’s coasts. All the members of his group were armed and managed to kill a man before they were caught by the police.

As the leader of the group, Humberto Eladio Real was sentenced to death, and the other members of his group received heavy prison sentences.

Cuban law provides for the death penalty, but it has actually been banned in the country for the past few years. As part of the policy, convicts sentenced to death were commuted to longer prison terms. This year’s court overturned the execution of two Salvadorans found guilty of terrorism.

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