How is the economy developing in Miami during the season

Florida is widely known as a tourist state, and with this reputation comes significant seasonality for business. In spring and summer, when the weather is more favorable in the northern states, fewer tourists and snowboards spend time and money in Florida.

This means that business is slowing down significantly for entrepreneurs who work in Florida all year round. Doing business in Florida means you have to prepare for lean months by keeping operations efficient and distributing your earnings wisely from the busy season, usually seen as the time between Thanksgiving and Easter.

“If you have a corner store or restaurant or daily business goods dependent on foot traffic, your small business in Florida from Thanksgiving to Easter will be filled with snowbirds demanding everything [they] forgot in Jersey or in the City,” Baron said. Christopher Hanson, lead consultant and owner of RedBaron Consulting. “If you want to open an aging or conventional medical practice, be prepared to be busy from November to May, but very slow in the summer and hurricane months.”

In addition to seasonal downturns, the hurricane season also poses a threat to business. Not only do customers regularly evacuate to avoid hurricanes, but storms also pose a risk of natural disasters that can cause significant damage to bricklaying companies. [Seasonal businesses face particular challenges when it comes to accepting credit card payments. Check out our guide on how to handle this.]

“Hurricane season brings a lot of uncertainty to the market,” Livingston said. “When we need to contact current and potential customers during this time, we don’t always succeed on our first and second attempts. South Florida has escaped most unscathed over the past few years, but often we see people preparing and evacuating because of past experiences.”

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