The EU will control passports at the borders automatically

It became known that an automated system called “Registered Passenger” will soon start operating at the borders of European Union…

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Backyard Traffic

The growth in the prosperity of citizens necessarily leads to an increase in the number of cars on city streets.…

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Petrol will go up in price from the New Year

Owners of gas stations at the same time reduced the cost of gasoline, for the first time since early 2014.…

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“Seven creative revolutions will save Russia…”. Small towns are the mainstay of Russia

According to the Chairman of the Council, megapolis urbanization should be opposed to another type of urbanization – low-rise estate-landscape.…

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“Developers’ approaches to the creation of settlements are quite ordinary…”

The idea is that when allocating a parcel of land for development, you need to understand how that parcel will…

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11 reasons to be angry

1. Since 1960, the countries where 20% of the world’s richest people live have increased their share of the gross…

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