Helicopter fleet for Rostov

At the federal level, the governor of the Rostov region supported the proposal to form a special cluster for helicopters. This information is reported by the press service of the regional government. The realization of the project was discussed for quite a long time, first of all the discussion was about the format of the cluster and its size. As a result, it was decided to combine several production facilities, which will create about ten thousand new jobs.

Creation of helicopter cluster is a decision of principle for the Rostov region. This is an anchor project, which will significantly speed up the industrial development of the region. All organizational matters related to the promotion and development of the project will be effectively resolved. The federal government has supported some other regional initiatives, such as import-substitution industries.

The essence of the proposals is to partially reprofile some of the manufacturing enterprises in the region. The project will be massive, and will affect many areas of industry – not just the defense industry. The production of a number of devices on several cooperation levels will be realized. The project is supported by leading industrialists of the region and Rostov region will soon get priority in terms of the state support for the initiatives.

Thanks to the measures taken, enterprises will be loaded to the maximum and new jobs will be created. In addition, the project will make it possible to begin creating a full cycle of production for both defense and private commercial products. There have been no reports yet on the timing of the project, but it is unlikely to last long because of the priority interest of the state.

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