Google presented a new technology Body Browser

Google is currently developing a completely new type of service. Similar to Google Earth, a three-dimensional map of the Earth, it will present a three-dimensional picture of the human body. The name of the new service is Body Browser. Based on the latest service technology called WebGL, which is still supported by a small number of browsers. While using Body Browser service, the user will have an opportunity to investigate the structure of the human body, and he can zoom the three-dimensional image, remove unnecessary layers of muscles and skin, and all to see his internal organs.

The final version of the application will be equipped with a search line and navigation system, which fully copies the similar functional components of Google Earth. On the Internet you can see the first demonstration video of the system, which shows the structure of the human body, the dynamics of muscles and other organs, and all of it can be rotated in different directions.

No doubt, this development will greatly facilitate the life of school teachers of biology and anatomy, mainly providing a high level of detail and clarity during the lessons. But the developers of Google believe that this service will also find application among scientists, doctors and doctors who conduct research and experiments with the human body.

At the moment, users can only access the beta version of the product, and for it to have a browser that supports the technology to display complex three-dimensional objects without using Java or Flash, WebGL. Now one of the most common browsers equipped with this technology is Chrome 8, but by default this service is disabled. In order to enable WebGL technology, you must enter “about:flags” in the command line, after which the browser will automatically enable GPU Accelerated Compositing and WebGL. But in order for the service to work, it will be necessary to reload the browser. WebGL technology is supposed to equip Firefox 4 beta and Chrome 9 browsers, and next year, almost every browser will include this service.

To the deepest regret, the developers are withholding a release date for the final version of Body Browser.

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