Federal law

From the first of January comes into force a new law 44 fz for the lazy, it is a law for the contract system of municipal purchases. It was adopted by the Russian government back in April, and at the moment this law is fully enacted. This law is in the interest of the state and is designed to stop corruption as much as possible. Now all procurements for any government agencies will only take into account this law. Why is it called the law for the lazy?? The thing is that now for the procurement of goods you just need to make a list of required items, and send it further. Now there is no need to go to different organizations and make purchases. With the release of this law, organizations will no longer be able to bill for goods twice as much. Now any organization will buy the necessary goods at their real cost, the forty-fourth fz will completely bury the system of kickbacks. Of course, since the law came into force, there has been a lot of opposition to it. The first argument against this law is time. From the time of ordering goods to their receipt will now take much more time. Since the list and its prices will be checked, and without mandatory approval, there will be no goods. But apart from this argument, nothing solid has been put forward. So, despite all the controversy around it, the law came into force. In general this law can be considered positive, because now the money in the budget should be much more, the first months of the year have already shown it by example. Compared to last year, less money was spent on government purchases.

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