Egyptian authorities announced the arrest of four Israeli spies

On Monday, December 20, the Associated Press news agency reported that the Egyptian government announced the arrest of four people suspected of spying for Israel.

The suspects are all Egyptians. They are accused of creating a spy network. The agents working for Israel were tasked, among other things, to collect phone records of Egyptian officials and information on Chinese and Japanese tourists vacationing in Sinai. At this time, the arrested men accused of planning to kidnap tourists in order to harm the tourism industry in the country.

In addition to the four detained Egyptians, two Israeli citizens are also involved in the espionage case. Egyptian authorities have sent the information collected about them to Interpol.

On December 20, it became known that the Egyptian government brought charges against an Egyptian businessman named Khaled Hassan, suspecting him of cooperating with Israel, as well as in the recruitment of agents in Syria, Egypt and Lebanon. In addition to Hassan, two Israelis are also involved in the case.

Finally, it remains unclear whether the two espionage cases are connected.

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