Egypt. The struggle for democracy continues – there’s a curfew The Egyptian authorities are fighting the Islamists for their vision of Egyptian democracy

Democratic Egypt is on the line. Reports on the continuation of the struggle for democracy. By the way, the new democratic authorities have decided on the number of victims that democratic Egypt has laid on the altar of democracy since yesterday morning – 278 people. On both opposing democratic sides. The new government employed 43 people, including two generals and a couple of colonels.

But the new democratic government was quick to come to its senses and imposed curfews and states of emergency in the tense provinces of the country as a whole and Cairo in particular. From 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. it is better not to go out on Egyptian streets, because “it is not recommended” and “it is fraught”. By the way, under the “commandant” came the tourist areas. However, it does not scare our tourists, who rushed there in search of extreme sports. More like the opposite – he’ll have one more extreme idea to scare his colleagues and neighbors with tales of an unforgettable Egyptian vacation. But our gallant Foreign Ministry did make some headway by advising our tourists not to leave their hotels. And in general, don’t set foot out of the room. Like, if he didn’t listen, it wasn’t his fault.

Well, what else can be said about Egypt… Except to note the noble deed of Mohamed ElBaradei, Vice-President of Egypt. This scientist used to run the IAEA. So, looking at what was going on, this vice president said the sacred “I’m tired, I’m leaving”. And resigned. Like, brave and noble. And Mr. ElBaradei has been Vice President since July 9 – a little over a month. And it’s already worked out. There must have been something that displeased this Egyptian citizen in current Egyptian democracy. Though, on the other hand, he was one of the first to fight the bloody regime of Mubarak in spring of 2011. He was even running for the democratic presidency. And now, when the chance came to realize the plan, it was so nobly deflated. Or, everything planned has already been realized? Who knows..

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