Do not appear naked in the streets!!!

Will we manage by our joint efforts to put the city in order and learn to live in the capital by the rules?? I think we can hope for that, if we just want to and study a little bit. That is why we continue to tell you about the Code of Regulations for Public Order, Improvement and Sanitation in our city.

Most often this point of the document is executed and here’s why. Firstly, it is not profitable for advertisers to keep a banner or billboard with their advertisements in a state of disrepair.

Secondly, the signs with the names of streets and license plates of houses have just been installed, and the residents themselves have paid for many of them. As for the street lighting, there are big problems, as in many courtyards of the capital the street lamps are not lit at night for years. And the Dushanbegorsvet enterprise must solve this problem somehow

It should be noted that the responsibility for the preservation and good condition of the elements of exterior decoration of the city is entrusted to the following structures:

– Housing and communal departments, organizations, institutions and enterprises, regardless of ownership, are responsible for the safety and operation of signs with the names of streets, avenues, passages, license plates of houses;

– The State Unitary Enterprise “Obu koresi Dushanbe”, OJSC “Dushanbegaz”, Dushanbe Heating Power Plant, Tajiktelecom and other structures that use these manholes and wells are responsible for the maintenance and operation of the manholes, wells located on the streets, sidewalks, roadside signs, landscaping of the territory of micro districts and mahallas.

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