“Developers’ approaches to the creation of settlements are quite ordinary…”

The idea is that when allocating a parcel of land for development, you need to understand how that parcel will operate with the grids. According to the law, the allocation of the site must be accompanied, for example, depending on the number of kilowatts or megawatts, depending on the settlement. When you apply for the land you stipulate what the costs will be. And the natural monopolists already tell us, based on their capabilities, whether they can provide it or not. To date, I have information that the southern destination to the side already has a thorough restrictions on the energy component. In this situation it is absolutely logical to take all measures on land plots, which are motivated by creation of their own energy complexes. Directly within the settlement or boiler plants outside the settlement, which have the ability to combine several settlements. Such integration processes of inter-settlement relations must be worked out systematically and programmatically in the agglomeration. Technically it is possible, but, I emphasize, this involves very difficult approvals of land allocation for such engineering structures. The next moment is to find out who will service all boilers. It is a well-known fact that federal agencies sometimes cannot service their own boilers. Management structures do not take risks in such conditions. And also because they are trying to help the natural monopolists, because all these problems have been solved there. In addition, for the stand-alone boiler to get permission to connect to the gas supply is accompanied by red tape and is often very expensive. This makes the situation worse.

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