Deputies put off discussion of responsibility for drunk driving

The sensation of the day was the news about the moving of the bill on toughening of responsibility for driving in a state of intoxication. This decision was taken by deputies of the State Duma and the term of consideration of the bill was postponed to March. Note that consideration was scheduled for February 22, but the bill was criticized by the Supreme Court for excessive and harsh measures.

Despite all of this, the United Russia party took the initiative and committed to revising some of the items. However they are not going to stop at the beginning and consideration of the bill will be put together with other anti-alcoholic amendments.

Deputies of LDPR party also put forward their variants of this bill, but unfortunately, and maybe fortunately, all amendments that they proposed were rejected at the earliest stage. They proposed increasing the penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol to imprisonment of up to 15 years, which no doubt drew criticism from all parties.

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation considered this measure of punishment as immoral, and such a violation of punishment contradicts all constitutional norms and infringes upon human rights.

Everyone can be in such a situation through negligence and the modern equipment for determining the state of a driver can make a mistake, ruining his whole life.

What will deputies invent in March and what penalties will await the persistent violators, one can only guess!

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