Customs Union can now exert pressure on Ukraine

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Customs Union applies pressure on Ukrainian importers with first sanctions. Protective measures, which are now in force for metallurgists from Ukraine on the territory of the Russian Federation will in the near future be applied in Kazakhstan and Belarus. As a consequence, Ukrainian exports may be squeezed out of these markets, which is greatly feared by producers.

The Commission of the Customs Union has made a decision on Ukraine on sanctions and approved a list of goods, in respect of which protective measures of anti-dumping type will be undertaken. In particular, these measures will apply to stainless and steel pipes up to 820 mm in diameter, technical polyamide thread or fiberglass, as well as cutlery, fasteners and mechanical fasteners. Expert estimates suggest that Ukrainian products have actually already been squeezed out of the Belarusian and Kazakh markets. Alexei Plotnikov, Head of the Parliamentary Subcommittee on International Economic Affairs, believes that the Customs Union’s actions against Ukraine will not end there. In his opinion, the countries of the Customs Union are a whole organism and therefore their defense measures should be synchronized. There may be other steps taken before July 1, the date when the adopted innovations come into effect, with a clearly unfriendly attitude towards countries outside the Customs Union.

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