“Curonian Spit will become a Russian economy resort

According to a statement by the Interfax news agency, the project to create a special resort on the Curonian Spit has not yet been closed.

Such a statement was made to news agency correspondents by an official who holds the chair of the governor of the Kaliningrad region. According to Nikolai Tsukanov the possibility of resurrection of the project is being discussed at different levels. Both on the regional and federal level. The official said the same thing about the problems that got in the way. As always, major difficulties arose in the country’s bureaucracy.

Administrators of the “Curonian Spit” land plot, already prepared for development as a tourist zone, put at the disposal of other investors for a long time. And the former investors do not want to share their land parcels with anyone else. Now the new National Parks administration is seeking to secure new leases. Apparently, this is where the almost insurmountable difficulties in notarizing documents arose. Recall that in earlier statements of Oleg Kostin there was a message about the future organization of the new resort, the trial is scheduled for the next couple of months. The speed of decision-making in this matter does not play a significant role, since the administration of the region did not receive new proposals from prospective investors.

The case has taken a new turn, although it was already closed by the Government of the Russian Federation in two thousand ten years, as not profitable and frankly unprofitable. Russia now actively undertakes programs to prevent Russian money from leaking abroad (to Turkey, for example).For this purpose, it was decided to organize budget recreation areas, where Russian citizens could enjoy recreation for less financial spending. Seven competitively capable zones will be located across the country. For example, in Altai Krai, Kaliningrad Oblast and five other territories. New resorts, the authorities assure, will not be inferior in quality to foreign ones.

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