Children now go to Kiev kindergartens with their own bread

Many kindergartens in Kiev have warned parents that their children will not be given bread. Other products – sugar, meat, and cereal – were also in short supply.

Parents in Kiev began to sound the alarm. Last week, they were told that children will no longer be given bread in day care centers, so they need to bring it with them. Parents were also advised to take other products with them. According to parents, up to this point, there was a lack of sugar in kindergartens. In addition, there is a constant shortage of fish and meat. The guys eat borscht without meat and grits, for the second meal they have stewed potatoes or cabbage. And simple dishes like cheesecakes are a joy for the children. In many kindergartens, parents are also noticing a similar problem: They cook delicious, but make rather small portions. On Tuesday in kindergartens of Goloseevsky district the potatoes for children ran out, and on Wednesday an educator had to run to the store herself to buy bread for the children with the money parents had collected for the needs of the group. Parents speculate that this may be the reason for the recent events in Ukraine, but do not want it to affect their children. The authorities promised to solve the problem in the coming days, and the matter has already been discussed with representatives of district education departments. It turned out that the cost of fuel and food had risen, so the bases that were making deliveries to day care centers warned that they would not be able to make deliveries in full. They did not have enough money to complete the orders. But from the beginning of a new week to deliver food to kindergartens in full. So the kids in kindergartens will start eating normally again, they will be supplied with potatoes, meat and everything they need. Note that this is not the only consequence of the unrest in Ukraine. The tense situation continues, the armed forces of Ukraine are brought to full combat readiness, said Volodymyr Turchynov, acting president of the state. This is due to the possibility of a military invasion by Russia.

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