Businesses of Bila Tserkva

As the survey data show, connections within the city and surrounding areas are predominant. Nevertheless, there are no clearly defined zones for the sale of construction materials. A number of specialized productions are of interregional importance. For example, the plant in Brovary sells over 20% of its production to Zhytomyr, Chernihiv and Cherkasy regions, and the same volume to other regions of the country.

In general, on the basis of the industry in the building industry production systems are formed of the local type (building bases). In the Kiev region they include, for example, the Kiev and Bila Tserkva bases. In connection with the increasing volume of construction in rural areas from year to year it is necessary to expand the network of construction bases, the capacity of which should be calculated on the basis of servicing of urban and rural construction within the optimal zones, which provides the lowest transportation costs.

In recent years the chemical industry has been developing in the area under consideration. The recently built chemical factories in Kiev, Chernigov and Cherkassy have technological and cooperation links in the sphere of mutual use of products (chlorine fabric, caustic soda, viscose fibre, ammonia, resin, etc.). д.). However, the total volume of production is dominated by ties of republican and union significance.

The enterprises of Bila Tserkva send to Kyiv 20% of total volume of production Suppliers are food industry (over 50%), light industry (about 25,0%) and building materials industry (about 20%) Development of separate branches of industry of cities and settlements around Kyiv depends completely on its production (for example, woodworking enterprises of Irpen and Fastiv, machine-building enterprises of Vasylkiv, light industry of Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi, etc.). д.). At the same time these cities and towns play the role of centers of supply of products of light, food, woodworking industries to the population of Kiev.

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