Belarus commemorated the anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Belarusian veterans commemorated another anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. They issued a declaration in support of the Republic of Cuba on that date. According to diplomatic sources, former participants of those events spoke out against the American blockade of Liberty Island. Dmitry Senko, head of an organization of veterans of Belarus, said the purpose of the Cuban blockade was to play down the importance of the Cuban revolution for the whole world and to get rid of its legacy. At the same time, Nikolai Khateshev, deputy head of the central ideological directorate of the Defense Ministry, praised the Cuban people, who showed honor and courage during the Cuban crisis. Recall that the events, known to the world as the “Cuban Missile Crisis” took place in October 1962. Alfredo Nieves Portuondo, Cuban Ambassador to Belarus, thanked the Belarusian Communists for their efforts, and conveyed his fraternal support and sympathy. The events of 1962 involved more than a hundred Belarusian soldiers who were sent to the island of Liberty to protect the order close to the Soviet Union. This year, everyone could watch the documentaries “Cuba: Road of the Revolution” and “Ode to the Revolution” at the House of Culture of the Ministry of Defense in Minsk.The Cuban Missile Crisis is known as the armed confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union, which occurred in mid-October 1962. On Oct. 14, U.S. Air Force aircraft detected medium-range R-12 missiles belonging to the Soviet Army in Cuba. The government of the United States of America immediately began a blockade of the island of Liberty. The Cuban crisis lasted more than a month. This confrontation may well have turned into a nuclear war

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