Barack Obama was thrown a book at

“The Daily Mail” reports that U.S. President Barack Obama was the victim of an “attack” in Philadelphia during a campaign speech. An unidentified man threw a book at Obama.

According to the information of the newspaper, the president of the USA did not notice the attack on him. It also remains unknown which book was used as the weapon of the attack. The media does not report whether the Presidential Guard managed to apprehend the intruder, but police officers arrested an unidentified naked man from the scene of Obama’s speech and then brought him to the station.

It should be noted that not so long ago, a similar attack was suffered by the previous head of American state – George Bush, Jr. Thus, in December before last year during a briefing in Iraq, Bush was attacked by a local media representative. A journalist threw his shoes at the president, but Bush still managed to dodge. As a result, the journalist was arrested for the attack, after which he spent almost a year in custody.

In conclusion, after the Bush incident in Iraq, boot-throwing has gained popularity worldwide as a means of political protest.

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