Backyard Traffic

The growth in the prosperity of citizens necessarily leads to an increase in the number of cars on city streets. On the one hand the process does not seem sad, because such a trend shows the strengthening of the state economy.

On the other hand, there are questions to the authorities, because at this stage they are unable to cope with the increasing number of private cars, and as a result, there is a new negative phenomenon – courtyard traffic jams. The reasons look quite transparent – municipal authorities are simply not able to provide enough parking spaces for drivers, thus condemning our yards to turn into huge free parking lots.

The official statistics shows that every month the number of personal cars in the cities increases by 350-400 units, while the new parking spaces are practically not organized. Residents of apartment buildings are flooded with complaints from local authorities, but they are not able to help. Cars continue to be parked on lawns, playgrounds, blocking the roadway. There were already documented cases where ambulances simply could not get to the entrances, and garbage trucks had no access to waste collection points for weeks.

The reason is clear – the designs on which the cities were built were developed in the middle of the last century. Naturally, no specialist could have imagined at the time that the number of automobiles would become so great. In the near future, the situation in many cities promises to become even more critical, because according to development plans of new areas in place of the current paid parking will be built houses. Municipal services, meanwhile, are not going to show more care for car owners, on the contrary, prices for parking spaces are rapidly going up.

According to traffic police officials, they are implementing a set of measures to solve the problem, but so far there are simply not enough employees. During the nine months of the current year, a lot of acts of administrative violation have been drawn up for drivers who ignore the rules of parking

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