Azarov: Diplomat must change the image of Ukraine abroad.

For the better

Prime Minister Mykola Azarov met with the heads of diplomatic missions of Ukraine. During the conversation, Prime Minister appealed to diplomats to conduct an active “explanatory work”, which would allow to destroy stereotypes about Ukraine established abroad. According to Azarov, employees of Ukrainian diplomatic institutions often have not only to debunk common myths, but also to cope with a flow of blatant disinformation about the situation in the country. In particular, the Prime Minister noted that diplomatic representatives should provide actual and unbiased information about reformation of different spheres of life in Ukraine – economic, social and political. Mykola Azarov spoke ill of “shortsighted” employees of embassies, which at the international level form an opinion about Ukraine as about a country without democracy and freedom of speech, while every citizen has the right to express an opinion about the work of power structures.

According to the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers, he himself had a chance to talk to the representatives of foreign diplomatic services in Ukraine, and many of these people claim that the situation in the country is much more favorable than it is described by foreign detractors.

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