Authorities decide how to distribute land to Primorye residents

According to experts, housing construction in Primorsky Krai will be intensified by breakthrough decisions that will expand opportunities for developers. With a high degree of certainty one can refer to the proposal of Vladimir Miklushevsky, the head of the region: he put forward an initiative to allocate land for residential development free of charge for families with two children and young families, in which each of the spouses under the age of 35.

The draft law will be finalized

As part of the 20th construction exhibition “City” at the Vladivostok University of Economics and Service with the participation of the governor held an expanded meeting of the working group engaged in the development of a draft law Primorsky Krai, regulating the provision of free land for housing construction in the region.

In May, the bill in the first reading will consider the deputies of the Regional Legislative Assembly. Most likely, the project will be subject to serious revision, taking into account public opinion, comments from experts, construction market professionals, etc. д.

The first meeting to consider the bill took place at the VGUES, attended by officials, experts and members of the working group, and lasted an hour and a half. Judging by the discussion, we can conclude that the law is going to be interesting.

What will be unconditionally spelled out in the law refers to the leasing of land for the construction of new housing for 5 years, during which the land user is obliged to build a residential building, and only on that condition, the land can be transferred into ownership. Otherwise it will be returned to the municipality. This is done in order to avoid speculation with “empty” plots of land. It will be impossible to transfer it to other people. Rent will depend on the value of the land.

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