“Authentic Cuba” through the eyes of Cubans

The other day in Porto, the second largest Portuguese city, a delegation from the island of Liberty presented its advertising campaign with a very telling name “True Cuba”. Despite the late hour (the exhibition was held at night), it brought together representatives of about 90 travel agencies in the local hotel Tiara Park. It is worth noting that the hotel is declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. During the presentation of promotional videos for the tourism campaign Iolejsis Correa, director of tourism of Cuba in Portugal and Spain, spoke at great length about his country, noting not only its golden sandy beaches and hot sun, but also the high level of recreation safety on the island, environmentally friendly conditions, kindness and hospitality of local residents and fantastic atmosphere of general joy and fun.

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As for the exhibitors, it is worth noting travel agencies such as Halcon Viajes, Almeida Viajes, Geostar, Grupo GEA, Viajes Iberia, Roquetour, Mundo VIP, El Corte Ingles, Abreu, Top Atlantico, Best Travel, Farmatour, Cosmos Viajes and others. According to tradition, the Cuban night in Porto, Portugal, ended with incendiary rhythms of Latina and refined drinks of the largest island of the Antilles. It is worth recalling that the campaign bus, which carried the exhibition “True Cuba”, from late May to mid-June visited several Spanish and Italian settlements and cities. At each stop, the participants of the peculiar caravan made speeches, which talked about the development of tourism on Liberty Island. Among the audience were representatives of professional tourism and the press, as well as ordinary interested citizens.

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