At the service of the consumer

TheFind shopping site has evolved and is now positioning itself as a personalized, cross-platform program that makes it easy for shoppers to access product information and pricing.

Today, it is a kind of remote control for all Internet purchases, whether they are made through TheFind or any other website.

Search as a product

The shopping spree has already become a commodity in itself. Due to the abundance of advertising on search engines, it is becoming increasingly difficult for online retailers to appear in search results. In response, “TheFind” decided to go a step beyond just product searches and emphasized two things: shopping via mobile devices and personalization.

Siva Kumar, executive director of TheFind, says that with a single purchase, it is easier and more profitable for the site to get a ready consumer than to buy traffic. And theFind mobile app is the key to this strategy.

The more frequent, the more accurate

As you use TheFind website or app, your offers become more personalized. The app collects information about clicks, searches and purchases, improving your personalized recommendations over time. The company is also partnering with Slice to track your purchases, which extends the functionality of the site and gives even more information about your preferences.

Mobile Trends

Siva Kumar also didn’t skirt the topic of new trends in online shopping: “Online shopping is moving away from computers and becoming cross-platform. Mobile traffic on “TheFind” is growing 8-10% every month and is now 35% of total traffic.”. Specifically, about 13% of the traffic is from iPads, 11% is from iPhones, and the rest is from Android gadgets.

Another trend is the increase in evening traffic from home networks. In other words, a new growing layer of online shopping is being created on top of the leading “daytime” shopping.

Finally, TheFind’s CEO said that 70% of searches from mobile devices are for online shopping, and only 30% are for everything else.

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