Archaeologists have found the ruins of ancient buildings in Egypt

Archaeologists found the ruins of an ancient city in northern Egypt. The remains of ancient buildings date back to the Middle Kingdom, which was about 4,000 years ago. The territory of the city was filled with residential buildings and the tsar’s palaces…. Also among the finds of the archaeologists were four-meter high fortifications and a necropolis, where a huge number of tombs were found.

Researchers who conducted excavations found many lamps, pottery, amulets, talismans, scarabs, as well as floor tiles, which were decorated with palaces of pharaohs Ramses II and Merneptah. In addition, archaeologists found tombs made of brick during Hiskos (about XVII century BC) and dedicated to the god of war and death Seth temple, which period of construction is the same.

As it became known recently, scientists have found another ancient city. It turned out that it was located in Cambodia and was called Mahendraparvata (more than a thousand years old). The result was a map of the city found, including streets, temples and canals. Make the discovery of ancient buildings in the jungle was possible through the use of optical laser equipment brand Lidar.

The technology used is based on the irradiation of the area by a laser beam with high frequency impulses. Although most of the radiation is absorbed and reflected by the leaves of trees and shrubs, but there are also rays that reach the ground and, reflected from it, are picked up by the onboard receiver. It is worth noting that such technology has previously been used to study the Maya and Stonehenge. In addition, using laser technology was able to find the city which the conquistadors tried to find in the XVI century. Today we know that this is White City (La Cuidad Blanca), which is located in Honduras. To avoid its destruction by marauders, archaeologists never disclosed its exact location.

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