All diplomas of graduates will be checked for plagiarism

The Ministry of Education and Science proposed to check the volume of borrowings and review all graduate works of masters, specialists and bachelors, and then place them in an electronic database. Without this kind of background check, a graduate would be considered failing the state.-attestation. If the work contains information that may later turn into intellectual property, it will be excluded from the publicly available text. It is proposed to hold a public discussion of the said draft order. It was posted on the official website of the ministry. Society. Recently the new head of VAK Vladimir Phillipov told “RG” that plagiarism has become quite widespread in higher education institutions and is used even during preparation of dissertations. Copying has become a bad habit for students and applicants for academic degrees. Only a handful of universities have tried to curb this practice by checking works for plagiarism. It’s institutions like St. Petersburg University, where the work continues to be screened. According to experts working with the “anti-plagiarism” system, it is still difficult to do without human involvement. The system blindly counts coincidences in texts, and it is not uncommon for a text containing many repeated special terms or names to be recognized by the machine as plagiarism. As for percentages of coincidence, universities consider coincidence in the range of 25-30% to be normal, papers often use citations of sources or terms. The draft order from the Ministry of Education and Science does not specify specific numbers, which probably means that universities will set the upper limit on their own.

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