Advertisement for paid parking in Moscow.

The capital authorities intend to invest more than 35 million rubles in advertising campaign, during which they will promote paid parking lots, recently arranged on the Boulevard Ring territory. This information was reported by a source working for the SCU “Administrator of the capital parking space”. Authorities set a goal to form a “responsible driver behavior model” in the capital motorists, in order to reduce the number of illegal parkings and to increase demand for paid parking services in the central part of the city.

To promote paid parking on the streets, authorities plan to make commercials with famous actors. These video clips will be shown in the future on national TV channels as well as on screens in shopping and business centers. In addition, audio clips will be aired on radio stations.

The authorities will also allocate money for printed materials: flyers (similar to those offering driving instructor services or great deals on car insurance) will be handed out at city gas stations, shopping and business centers, restaurants and fitness clubs. These leaflets will contain information about possible ways to pay for parking, about “the importance of creating a parking space in the city” and also about “the possible consequences of parking in illegal lots, namely: the fines and the threat to the lives of citizens.

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