Actively integrating the southern lands into the capital and increasing transport accessibility to the new territories of Moscow

After they decided to increase the borders of the capital by 2.5 times, it is about 144 thousand. hectares, a clamor has formed around the Warsaw Highway. Previously, it was only the leader in traffic jams in the suburbs and was considered one of the most polluted destinations. There were no prospects for low-rise construction here at all. But now that this is the new border of the capital, in the future it will be one of the most promising directions, along with Kiev, and Kaluga.

Comprehensive solutions

Many people ask questions about the future of the real estate market itself, or rather how will the prices change?. The specialists of the center “Indicators of the real estate market” reassured everybody. According to them, nothing much will happen in the near future. Perhaps in the future some private individuals may raise prices by literally up to 10%, but afterwards the general state of the market will put them in their place.

The only impetus for the price increases in these fairly remote areas from the historic center of the capital may be developed transport and social infrastructure.

Develop the theme of transport infrastructures not only by building highways. Because then the city will simply drown in these junctions and roads. You need to look at everything together with the development of the subway, suburban trains, bus routes…. The specialists of the Center for Analysis of the Real Estate Market Indicator are convinced that an integrated development of transport in all directions will give an opportunity to reduce the number of vehicles in the city.

An example is one of the megacities of the world – London. You need only take the high-speed train from the outskirts of the city to the center. Such a vehicle covers 100 kilometers in just one hour, so those who live on the outskirts are also residents of the capital and can easily get to work within an hour.

The diameter of the Moscow Ring Road is about 30 – 40 km. All the districts that are there are distanced from the Kremlin by 15 – 20 km. If we add inhabitants of 5 – 20 km away from MKAD, who are actually already inhabitants of Moscow, then we still will not reach the limits of growth.

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