About pensioners and money

I personally do not want to live at the expense of children at a retirement age (although I have three of them, and they all seem to be successful). It’s not that I do not hope for them, I just want to be a self-sufficient old lady.

I don’t plan to garden and sit with my grandchildren. On the contrary, I want to travel around the world, including safari and Mayan tombs. Therefore, I set the goal to live to 80 years at least, and the best half of life is ahead, for which the financial basis – necessary.

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By personal example (“Shopaholic” and others)

To tell you the truth, I know very few people who follow the principles above. Many people must have seen the movie “Shopaholic” or read its book version… To recap, the heroine, a shopping addict, runs a financial column and suddenly becomes popular.

Later it turns out that the famous financial expert himself is mired in consumer credit and in fact completely financially untenable. I can’t say that I myself clearly follow my own recommendations. But, of course, I think about the future welfare, as I advise you.

Banks – our friend or our enemy?

At the mention of a bank in the mass consciousness pops up loans, loans, loans. And the bank appears as a spiteful interest-bearer, putting the borrower in a debt pit.

In fact, this is not quite the case. Banks, of course, are active in lending, and people willingly take credit. I do not argue, for example, that a mortgage is necessary: it is good to have a house and peace of mind. But the expediency of consumer credit or various express products with wild interest rates is very questionable. Every bank has a lot of other services, which are much more useful to the population.

This includes settlement services, including internet offerings, deposits, safe deposit boxes, and services to buy and sell securities and precious metals. So, the bank for a reasonable client is more of an assistant in the formation of the initial capital, rather than an enemy.

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