A school in Stavropol has banned the hijab.

Headmaster of a school in Stavropol banned hijab. This Muslim headscarf simply does not fit into the student’s dress code. The girls, along with the region’s mufti, appealed to the prosecutor’s office to resolve the conflict with the help of the authorities, who had begun to study the problem. The results are expected this week.

The situation is problematic, and two-sided. Pedagogical staff is sure that this piece of clothing can cause some discomfort and inappropriate attitude of classmates.

According to the leadership of the educational institution, such children should go to private schools, where they will be with the same believers. On the other hand it is not something unseemly. Why can children come in short skirts and baseball caps, but not in headscarves?? There are no official school rules. It turns out that the whole problem is intolerant behavior? It’s time to get used to the fact that Russia is a multinational country with many confessions and faiths. Things like the hijab, tilaka, bhakti yoga and other trappings of non-Christian movements have become commonplace on city streets.

Director acted improperly, as assured Pavel Astakhov, Commissioner for Children’s Rights. He could have discussed this issue with the parents first of all, but in any case he had no right to forbid anything. It is necessary to learn to respect each other and teach children tolerance. Instead, the administration has set a bad example for students by creating mistrust of other religions.

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