A party going on in Los Angeles ended in a shooting

KTLA TV reports that at least nine people were seriously injured and another killed in a conflict that occurred near the end of a birthday party in Los Angeles.

The conflict occurred in the Boyle Heights neighborhood Friday night. According to local police, anyone could have come to the beer-fueled celebration. All they had to do was pay $10. According to preliminary data, when the party was nearing its end, a major fight broke out between the celebrants, during which one of the guests opened fire on the people.

As a result of the shooting a twenty-two year old man died of a gunshot wound on the spot. Two more victims received serious stab wounds. Several people involved in the fight were hospitalized. The condition of one of them is critical.

At this time the police refrain from proposing any versions of what happened. At the same time the guards of law say that the fight and ensuing shooting have nothing to do with the conflicts between local criminal groups. In conclusion, we note that so far no one has been detained in connection with the incident.

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