350 policemen have been dismissed after an anti-corruption purge in Turkey

A large-scale anti-corruption operation has been carried out in Turkey’s capital, resulting in the suspension of 350 police officers. Dismissed policemen were replaced with new ones

Results of anti-corruption operation in Turkish capital Ankara have become known. An investigation into corruption among officials and businessmen has been underway since last month. 350 law enforcement officers have been suspended or transferred to other cities. The heads of departments for combating financial crimes, smuggling and organized crime were dismissed. Three Turkish government ministers resigned at the end of last month. The resignations were linked to the prosecution of their sons for corruption in the country’s state bank. Economy Minister Zafer Çaglayan, Environment and Urban Planning Minister Erdoğan Bayraktar and Interior Minister Muammer Güler have also resigned from their positions. Several arrests were made in connection with bribery related to building permits and urban development projects. The arrests targeted businessmen and officials close to the prime minister. The prime minister himself called the special operation a “dirty plot” against his government. According to analysts, the dismissals and arrests confirm the existing friction within the ruling Justice and Development Party. It is considered that those responsible for the political conflicts are supporters of the theologian Fethullah Gulen, who has been living in the U.S. since 1999. Gulen helped the Justice and Development Party win three elections. His Hizmet movement extends to the highest ranks of the police, party, and legal institutions. The disagreement between the political movements arose in November last year, when the ruling party began to think about closing several schools belonging to Hizmet.And in Spain, there was a scandal about the royal family. The daughter of the King of Spain and her husband are accused of money laundering, embezzlement of the country’s budget and other illegal financial transactions.

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