What country to move to for a happy life??

Almost everyone has considered moving to another country at least once in their life. If you are planning to do this, there are many things to consider. People choose to move in search of a better life. And everyone’s concept of happiness is different.

Some people dream of living in a big city and finding a prestigious job, while others want a quiet life by the ocean. Here is a list of countries where many travelers think people are happy.

Costa Rica. There is no army in this country. It has a high life expectancy. It averages 79 years. There is beautiful nature all around, which can’t help but improve your mood. Instead of a long winter, you will find tropical forests, the sea and excellent weather.

Norway. According to the level of prosperity for five years, this country occupies a leading place among other Scandinavian countries. Norway has a fairly high level of GDP per capita. Citizens here are the world’s second most satisfied with their lives. It’s easy to find a high-paying job here. Only for this you may need a certificate of criminal record Kiev which is ready to make in a short time from the company lc-barrister.

Denmark. Top of the list of the happiest countries. All medical care in this country is free. There is a total equality of sexes in all spheres. Everyone who lives in this country has a responsibility to each other.

Vietnam. In recent years this country has become one of the most sought after destinations for tourists. The citizens of this country are happy with what they have. This country has an excellent climate and quiet beaches.

Canada. This country has some of the highest incomes. It has a high life expectancy.

The Netherlands. It has an excellent working environment and a high level of social security. The Dutch know how to find a reasonable balance between work and leisure. Their life satisfaction rate is also very high.

Sweden. It is worth to go to this country for those who have a business plan. There are so many opportunities for entrepreneurs in this country.

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