The Third All-Russian Youth Forum “Seliger-2007

“There is no doubt that the forum opens up a lot of prospects for young people,” said Alexey Kariakin. – This is an opportunity to express yourself in an educational field, get acquainted with the projects of other children, make new friends, attend career building trainings, listen to lectures by leading scientists from Russia and the world. Besides, in the bounds of the forum there was organized the fair of vacancies, which was closely observed by the representatives of different state and commercial structures. By the way, the personnel issue is also relevant for our enterprise. We believe that attracting young people to the company will contribute to the development and implementation of new ideas in the modernization of production, strengthen the professional team”.

As part of the youth forum an exhibition of innovative technologies “SelInN-2007” was held, which interested the anti-crisis manager of “Vodokanal. As Alexey Fedorovich said, during the exhibition there was an opportunity to get acquainted with the achievements of modern inventors. Personally he was particularly interested in offers of Moscow Power Engineering Institute: technologies of protection of shut-off and control valves against corrosion and wear, increase of operating reliability and efficiency of hydraulic systems and pumping equipment, protective coatings.

“What seemed to us incredible a hundred years ago, is now perceived as commonplace, – said Kariakin. – We went to Seliger to get acquainted with the novelties of the core market for us, which later can be applied in the region. We live in the XXI century, the century of new technologies and new ideas. So familiarity with various kinds of innovative technologies only contributes to the development of our company, reconstruction of its facilities, improving the quality of water supply and sanitation”.

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