The needs of the parties spend the state budget

Serghei Coropceanu, General Secretary of Social Democrat Party and guest of the program “Opinion”, believes that the state budget of Moldova is spent for the benefit of the ruling parties and that the Government does not take into account the needs of people.

Recently it became known that most of the reserve fund of the RM is spent on state awards and the organization of visits, conferences and forums. Koropchanu says the spending could be reduced in these cases. “The question is not whether those who contribute to the development of culture, science or education in Moldova should be rewarded. Of course it does. But the money should go to the really worthy citizens, and not to the relatives of the authorities. After all, each medal or award means a monthly payment. No one has yet calculated how much money is spent on this,” he said.

In addition, the SDP secretary general is sure that the visits of some political leaders could have been spared. “It is one thing when the leaders of the state visit, but here the visit of every politician, regardless of rank, is presented as a landmark event,” he said.

However, the main problem, according to Koropceanu, is the distribution of salaries in state enterprises. “The income declarations of officials who head state-owned enterprises have been published. 30 executives of such companies last year earned 14 million lei. That’s about 5,000 average salaries! It turns out that the work of the director is estimated at 100-150 thousand lei and the work of an ordinary worker – at 1.5-2 thousand,” the PSD Secretary General was indignant.

According to him, half of the companies whose managers have such high salaries should be privatized. “If a company is able to pay 100 thousand lei to the director per month, it means that it is far from bankruptcy and can make a profit”. But according to the documents it turns out that these companies suffer huge losses every month. I attribute it to the fact that the managers of state companies are members of PLDM, PDM or PL. They have developed a mechanism for using budget money for party needs – and the real income from the enterprises is used in the interests of their parties,” concluded Koropceanu.

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