The doubts of Ukrainian officials

Officials wished to retrain drivers. The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine has expressed its doubts about the certain knowledge of drivers of passenger and freight transport.

Departmental officials have decided that the entire approach to training drivers for commercial and public transport should be changed. It is necessary to increase the knowledge of drivers with regard to the law, relations with passengers, road transport technologies.

Department officials said that now many people have a certain category in their certificate, but not all of them have the necessary knowledge. In the plans of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine to improve the culture of service, traffic safety on Ukrainian roads through the introduction of new standards, more precisely, training and retraining of drivers of passenger and freight transport by new standards.

It is planned that the training will take place on the basis of specialized centers, approved and certified by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine. The new curriculum is also expected to address the painful issues of pre-trip training, monitoring and rationing of labor and other. It should be noted that the draft document will be under public discussion for one month.

Recall, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine has identified about twenty thousand illegal vehicles engaged in passenger transportation in Ukraine. According to the State Traffic Police of Ukraine, about sixty thousand violations of the law have recently been discovered among carriers.

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