“Seven creative revolutions will save Russia…”. Small towns are the mainstay of Russia

According to the Chairman of the Council, megapolis urbanization should be opposed to another type of urbanization – low-rise estate-landscape. And, as he emphasizes once again, this urbanization should consist of one-time construction in all cities across the country. Which is what the development project “A Thousand New Cities for Russia” envisions.

The construction of several hundred cities will not only solve the housing problem, but also transform the country’s image, says the expert.

This is how Krupnov explains the essence of the new urban policy: the time has come to think in terms of cities. An obligatory condition is that they should be modern, be created for the avant-garde industry, have an organic architectural solution, be built with the use of super modern materials, on modern infrastructure and developed housing and communal services.

At the end of the project is supposed to create a thousand new cities with an input of new housing on 1 sq. The cost of which with the basic finishing will be from 14 to 20 thousand rubles per square meter per person per year. Housing must assume modern, energy-efficient and largely self-contained housing and communal infrastructures.

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