Schools and kindergartens were closed in the Lipetsk region due to quarantine

In early March, a huge number of influenza and ARI cases in the Lipetsk region led to the closure of 76 schools, 65 of them in Lipetsk itself. Quarantine was announced on February 27.

Along with the schools, five kindergartens were closed, four of which are located in four districts of the region. Along with the closure of schools and preschools in some of them was introduced a partial quarantine – only some classes and groups were closed. About 200 people were admitted to the region’s Clinical Hospital for Infectious Diseases because of a massive epidemic. Diseases with which people were admitted to hospital were of various types. Sick people were treated for influenza, parainfluenza, acute respiratory infections and other infectious diseases. doctors did everything they could to make sure adults and children could get the best possible treatment for orphaned children. Patients were examined for any type of infection, on the basis of which a conclusion was made about the selection of necessary medicines. Starting from March 24 quarantine measures taken to control the growth of ARVI and flu were completely lifted by the decision of the region’s chief sanitary doctor Vladimir Bondarev. With the cancellation of the quarantine, it is once again possible to hold mass cultural events in which children can participate. Mask wearing was no longer mandatory for staff at shopping malls and other public gathering places. At present only one kindergarten and three schools are closed for education of children, and two of them are partially closed. In Novosibirsk in February of this year it was necessary to close secondary school № 211 for some time after students got sick in the canteen. Seven second- and fifth-graders were diagnosed with food poisoning after medical examinations.

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