Russian construction companies have united to protect their interests.

Companies developers have created a new organization “National Association of housing developers. This institution at the state level directly plans to represent the interests of construction agencies engaged in the construction of housing. It was declared by the newly elected president of the institution, Leonid Kazinets, who is the general director of corporation “Barkli”.

In the role of fundamental tasks for the decision of the “National Association of Developers” was named: to increase lending, to eliminate all administrative barriers to the organization and the very construction work, enter the idle land in the construction turnover, to reduce costs associated with connecting to the engineering networks, to stimulate the construction of energy-efficient houses.

One of these days the newly created organization of developers will sign documents on cooperation with the Russian Housing Development Fund (Housing Development Fund), it will have the direct task of representing the new “Union of Developers” in the existing federal authorities.

Dmitry Medvedev sent a special welcome letter to the members of the founding congress of the new building convention. “Active, systematic construction of the housing stock is the most important, top-priority task of all state policy,” said Dmitry Medvedev.

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