Russia’s opposition enters a phase of searching for new leaders

Russian political analysts and journalists jointly analyzed the first results of the December protests in Moscow and Russia’s largest cities. According to the Rosbalt news agency, the protesters have a serious problem with the leaders. Recent events showed that the opposition itself does not trust professional oppositionists anymore. But it is unclear where the other ideological leaders of the protesters will turn up.

According to the newspaper, there are growing discrepancies between Nemtsov, the self-appointed “leader,” and Navalny, a popular lawyer who has become famous for fighting corruption. Rosbalt also noted a characteristic feature: Nemtsov was not included among the speakers at the December 24 rally during Internet voting. At the same time, Alexei Navalny lost 15 days of jail time, on the one hand precious days, but on the other hand he became a hero in the eyes of the protesting people.

Observers saw a clear disconnect between rally participants and a lack of shared authority. Many representatives of the old opposition were booed during the performance. Rosbalt presents two forecasts for the future development of events: the collapse and isolation of factions within the protest movement, or the beginning of a serious struggle for leadership within it. The second option is quite possible. Moreover, in this scenario Navalny could win. He has already proposed the creation of an organizing committee through an Internet vote. Professional opposition members are unlikely to win it.

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