Resident Evil 4: Life After Death” tops the list of cinemas in Russia and the U.S

Last weekend leader at the U.S. and Russian box office was the fourth part of the famous sci-fi thriller “Resident Evil. Part 4: Afterlife” (“Resident Evil: Afterlife”), starring Mila Jovovich. So according to a preliminary calculation analysts Russian magazine “Film Business Today” on charges in the U.S. and Canada Jovovich has earned 27.7 million. Dollars, and in Russia and CIS countries 7 million. dollars.

According to experts, the amount of fees could be much higher, because the film was not released as it happens – on Thursday, and a day later – on Friday.

Second place among the box office leaders in Russia is the feature film “The Last Exorcism”, but the budget of this mystical thriller is more than modest and only 922 thousand. Dollars.

The rest of the movies raised even less money. So Piranha 3D got off to a pretty good start in Russia and has been in the lead for about two weeks now. The amount they raised was only 806 thousand rubles. dollars. Next on the list is “American” with George Clooney (709,000). Dollars), followed by the movie “Love’s Distance,” at 483k. dollars.

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