Putin visited the Victory Monument in Minsk and laid a wreath

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is visiting Belarus today, visited the Victory Monument in Minsk and laid a wreath there, BelTA TV reports.

As stated earlier, the day before the negotiations between the presidents of the countries. Russia and Belarus reached a mutual understanding on the key issues of the bilateral agenda, which confirmed the mutual desire for the fruitful development of all relations in various spheres of development of the states.

The visit of V. Putin’s visit to Belarus, now taking place on the eve of the twentieth anniversary of diplomatic relations between Russia and Belarus. This was his first foreign trip as the head of the Russian state.

Before the ceremony began, all security measures were traditionally strengthened in Victory Square.

Only one exit from the station was operating at all times in the city. “The official direction to the monument was completely closed, given that the opposite exit worked here,” a woman’s voice said over the station. This event was confirmed by the representatives of the police through the loudspeaker.

Traffic on the avenue has now been completely blocked. People were not allowed into the square, but it was possible to watch the laying of flowers while passing an additional inspection. Opposite each such frame was a video camera.

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