Protesting students attacked Prince Charles’ car in England

The TV channel Sky News reports that in the center of London, British students protesting against increasing university tuition fees attacked the car carrying the British Prince Charles of Wales.

The incident in Regent Street took place on Thursday evening when Prince Charles was on his way to the Palladium Theater with his wife, Camilla.

The press service of the British royal family stressed that neither the 62-year-old heir to the throne nor his 60-year-old wife were hurt, but the car in which they were traveling had a cracked side window, and it was sprinkled with paint.

According to Sky News, nine police officers were injured in the student-run riot. It is also reported that twenty-two protesters were injured and fifteen more detained. Most of the protesters are being held by police in the square outside Parliament. The channel’s correspondent notes that many protesters are trying to leave the picket site, but they cannot get out of the cordon established by police.

The unrest in the British capital began after the British Parliament on Thursday passed a law raising the maximum university tuition fee from 3.29 thousand British pounds a year to 6 thousand British pounds. In addition, members of Parliament gave permission to university administrators to raise fees “in exceptional cases” to 9,000 British pounds. Presumably, tuition fees at higher education institutions will increase in a year.

At the beginning of last month, when it became known about the Conservative government’s plans to raise tuition fees, students and teachers held mass protests in London. At that time, according to local media reports, between thirty and fifty thousand people participated in these rallies, with a group of protesters breaking into the main office of the Conservative Party, after which they carried out a pogrom there. At least thirty-two people were arrested as a result.

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