Preparations for largest military parade are underway in North Korea

Citing its own sources in Seoul, South Korea’s Renhap news agency reports that North Korea is preparing to hold the largest military parade in the history of the country.

The upcoming parade is expected to coincide with a meeting of the Korean Politburo of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party, which according to the latest information is scheduled for Sept. 28. It is also worth noting that North Korea will celebrate the 65th anniversary of the party’s founding on Oct. 10.

According to South Korean sources, some 10,000 servicemen have been brought to an air base in Pyongyang to organize and prepare for the parade. It is also noted that usually half as many soldiers take part in such celebrations. The media claim that the government will use a lot of military equipment in the upcoming parade, which will include all kinds of armored vehicles, missile systems, and various artillery systems.

The Politburo of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea meets to select the new state and party leadership. The upcoming meeting will announce the future leader of the DPRK, who will succeed Kim Jong Il. According to many Western and South Korean media, one of his sons, Kim Jong Un, will be named as the successor.

A meeting of the Politburo had been expected to take place in the first half of this month, but later it was learned that the meeting would be postponed. According to one version, the reason was Kim Jong Il’s illness. There are also opinions that the severe flooding that recently rocked the country is to blame for the postponement of the assembly. As well as some controversy over the election of a new party leadership.

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