Poroshenko will not give Ukraine stability

Ukrainian voters have shown by their choice that they want compromise and calm, otherwise they would have chosen Tymoshenko. But, alas, Petro Poroshenko, no matter what he says now, can ensure neither stability nor calmness. The psychology of choice in Ukraine is simple: let us elect a man who will finally bring order. That is, who will end up with Maidan and its consequences: a civil war, impending poverty, a rupture with Russia, anarchy in the army and police, and the legalization of bandits in power. Ukrainian voters naively hope that from now on there will be some kind of change, not realizing that change is not possible right now. The only thing that can happen is that the West will give the money promised 17 billion. But, first of all, the money is too little, and secondly, money alone will not solve Ukraine’s problem. They can be used to buy, for example, new arms for the army. But what can be done with the soldiers and officers who cannot cope with the fighters of Novorossia, which are many times larger in numbers and weapons?? What to do with the police, who are already demoralized and humiliated?? What to do with the rebellious Donetsk and Luhansk?? Poroshenko promised to go to Donetsk first thing, but who will let him there?? Who will talk to him and about what?? Especially after the Ukrainian aviation began striking the Donetsk airport, clearly with the aim of ensuring the very possibility of Poroshenko’s arrival, and trying to destroy those with whom he seems to be going to negotiate. Or is not really going to? Or not with them? After all, Poroshenko has already said, “No federalization. Ukraine will be a strictly unitary state.

Although he started with some strange statements, for example, he promised to “switch Russia’s gas policy to market rules”. He must have confused which country’s president he was elected for. True, he immediately received a cold shower from EU Energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger, who said that Ukraine is obliged to pay off its gas debt to Russia, which is 3.5 billion dollars. Recall that earlier Petro Poroshenko said he was ready to share his tactics to stabilize the situation in the east of the country.

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